The Culture of KidZania

As with any enlightened society, KidZania has in the course of its evolution become a source for intellectual and artistic works that hold great meaning to its citizenry. Some of these works have been translated to accommodate KidZania’s diversity, but in most cases have remained unchanged due to their universal appeal.

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KidZanians celebrate Independence Day, Labor Day and Kid’s Day. Each is celebrated around the world with much fanfare. Founder’s Day is an additional observance celebrated locally as it marks the date a KidZania city is opened. KidZania Kuala Lumpur was officially opened on Tuesday, 28th of February 2012.

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KidZanians around the world share a series of common expressions that are used in everyday communication such as:

“Kai” for “hello” “Kal” for “friend”
“Z-U’ for “see you“ “Zaz” for “wow”

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