The Government of KidZania

The founders of KidZania devised a democratic system of government that gave the nation of KidZania the foundation it needed to operate fairly and efficiently, while at the same time keeping kids in the position to learn from and comment on the nation’s administration.

The KidZania government is officially divided into two branches, the Administrative Branch and the Legislative Branch. The Administrative branch is operated by adult government workers whereas The Legislative Branch is called the “KidZania Congrezz” because its body of members are comprised of kids.

Image for Administrative Branch

Administrative Branch

The administrative branch is KidZania’s chief directorial body and is staffed by government workers all of whom are adults. It is led by the President of KidZania, whilst state governments are organized by country and led by Governors. City governments on the otherhand administer at the nation’s local level and are led by a Mayor.

Image for Government Workers

Government Workers

Government Workers are the workforce that administer to the needs of the city. Adults hold all government worker positions so that kids can concentrate on learning and experiencing new things. They are there to support and promote the spirit of KidZania in order to help kids reach their goals.

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