The National Symbols of KidZania

As with any sovereignty, KidZanians’ desired artistic representations of their identity to promote a feeling of community among its people based on their common ideals. To achieve this end, the kids created several national symbols in which to signify loyalty and allegiance to the spirit of KidZania and for promoting a sense of belonging.

Image for KidZania’s Monumental Flag

KidZania’s Monumental Flag

The Monumental Flag is an impressively large version of KidZania’s national flag. A beacon of sovereignty, this highly visible landmark spans 10-meters by 5-meters and flies from a 25-meters tall flagpole located at the entrance of every KidZania city.

Image for KidZania’s Independence Fountain

KidZania’s Independence Fountain

This stone fountain is a celebration of KidZanian freedom from the adult world and a source for supporting good works in the community. It is also said that the Independence Fountain is also a source for good fortune. Check it out for yourself the next time you visit!

Image for KidZania’s Eternal Spirit

KidZania’s Eternal Spirit

Located in the center of every city is the Eternal Spirit, a rotating globe of bronze resting on a large size replica of KidZania’s national seal. Burning deep within it is its eternal flame that can never be extinguished. Definitely a must see!

Image for KidZania’s National Currency

KidZania’s National Currency

Visitors to KidZania will find that KidZania has its own currency. Paper currency is called “kidZos” and coins are called “Zents.” Citizens of the city and its tourists use this money to purchase goods and services at every KidZania location throughout the world.

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