The People of KidZania

Several types of people populate KidZania. There are its governmental workers that are instrumental to KidZania’s city and state operations and there are its citizens, also referred to as “KidZanians,” who work and shop in its cities and interact virtually through KidZania’s expanding system of communication.

Then there are also tourists that are comprised of kids who aren’t yet citizens and adults who are in their company. KidZania’s utopian vision inspires unity in its people, making race, religion and cultural divisiveness non-existent.

Image for Tourists


Kids and adults are invited to visit KidZania cities as tourists. While at KidZania tourists can take advantage of the city’s activities and special events. For kids, the opportunities are the most comprehensive and they are of course offered an opportunity to become citizens.

Image for KidZanians


Citizens of KidZania are called KidZanians. They are comprised of kids aged from 4 to 17 who play key roles in the day-to-day operation of KidZania through the city’s work program. Each job allows KidZanians to learn, earn and better understand how various industries work together to form a functioning economy.

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