At KidZania, you can now join our CitiZenship Program, which recognises your learning and progress as you experience various activities.

With your parent's consent, you'll receive an official PazZport with a special hologram sticker for each KidZania you visit. Your participation in activities is commemorated with a unique stamp in your PaZZport.
As you earn more stamps, you'll gain access to more benefits!

As you acquire more skills and earn more stamps, you'll be able to advance through the three levels of
B. KidZanian: Naturalized CitiZen, Distinguished Citizen and Honorable CitiZen.

At each level, you'll receive more benefits to enjoy at KidZania, and more discounts at The National Store of KidZania, and even more kidZos!

Naturalized Citizen
Entry level

  • Earn and save 2 extra kidZos for every activity
  • 5 kidZos discount on redemption items at department store
  • 5% discount in National store

Distinguished Citizen
30 Ztamps

  • Earn and save 4 extra kidZos for every activity
  • 10 kidZos discount on redemption items at department store
  • 10% discount in National store

Honorable Citizen
60 Ztamps

  • Earn and save 6 extra kidZos for every activity
  • 15 kidZos discount on redemption items at department store
  • 15% discount in National store

Apply for your PaZZport

Sign up for B.KidZanian and become a CitiZen.
It's easy, and you will get great benefits.

Visiti the Pazzport Office at KidZania Kuala Lumpur.

Terms & Conditions apply

  • Registration fee for B.KidZanian is RM33 per child (one-off fee), non refundable.
  • No minimum age requirements for registration.
  • The child will be a B.KidZanian CitiZen until he/she turns 17 years old. When the CitiZen turns 17 years old, the membership will automatically expire.
  • Parental consent and agreement to the privacy policy must be obtained upon registration at the PaZZport Office.
  • A fee of RM20 per child is required to replace any missing, lost or damaged PaZZport.
  • CitiZens are required to present their PaZZport to the Airport/ticketinf counter when visiting KidZania Kuala Lumpur.
  • The PaZZport is valid at other KidZania facilities around the world that implement the B.KidZanian Programme.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur is owned and managed by Sim Leisure Group, a PLC listed on Singapore Exchange.

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