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KidZania is an indoor themed learning centre that allows children to role-play adult activities in a replica city designed to simulate real-life and a functioning economy. Our aim is to help children develop a sense of vocation and learn about the adult world and how a real city works.
KidZania originated in Mexico and currently has 24 (not inclusive of Kuala Lumpur) other KidZania’s worldwide including Santa Fe, Monterrey, Tokyo, Koshien, Jakarta, Lisbon, Dubai and Seoul.
Children can role-play over 100 different activities in over 60 different establishments, such as being a chef, pilot, surgeon, nurse, lawyer, fire fighter, policeman, actor, reporter, artist, courier man, newscaster, photographer, etc.
Unlike traditional theme parks, there are no arcade games and no rides. Instead, KidZania is a safe and interactive themed learning centre where children can lead independent lives and get to understand the world of grown-ups better, by being grown-ups themselves.
KidZania activities also contribute to the development of skills and attitudes; it serves to stimulate creative thinking, strengthens confidence and self-esteem, as well as foster interaction with other children.
We officially opened our doors on Tuesday, the 28th of February 2012.
We are located at Curve NX, Mutiara Damansara – a building connecting to the Curve shopping mall.
A maximum of 1,500 visitors at any point of time.
Sunday – Friday

  1. 10.00am – 5.00pm
  2. *except during Malaysia School holidays and National & Selangor public holidays.


  1. 10.00am – 7.00pm

School Holidays / Public Holidays

  1. 10.00am – 7.00pm


  1. Closed
  2. *except during Malaysia School holidays and National & Selangor public holidays.

Only children 8 years and above can be left without parent supervision. Any children below 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
Children and adults will be tagged with a special Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security bracelet which can only be removed upon two prevailing conditions:

  1. Exiting KidZania
  2. Parents / guardians authority
Addition to a WIFI equipped Parents Lounge, there are a number of park activities in which parents can participate. For details click here
There are a number of food & beverage outlets available in-park. For a full list please view our in-park map here.

You may contact us at 1300 13 KIDZ (5439).