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Meet The Celebrity Chefs

  • With a burning passion for food, Dato' Fazley Yaakob broke into the culinary scene after joining and emerging victorious in Season 1 of MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia, beating out 16 other chefs for the opportunity to study as a Pâtissier at Le Cordon Bleu.
    Upon graduating among the top of his class, Dato' Fazley was appointed Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia's first ambassador and shortly after, opened his own Restaurant and Bistro called SukaSucre. A man of many talents, Dato' Fazley doesn't draw the line at just cooking. He is also a motivational speaker, an ambassador of several notable brands in Malaysia, a composer, a singer, an actor and TV show host.

  • Samantha Lee is a Malaysian mother and International Food Artist who originally began turning food into fun and unique artworks in order to help her eldest daughter eat independently.
    Since then, her unique and incredibly creative approach of 'storytelling' on a plate has not only delighted her daughters but has garnered her local and international attention, turning this young mother into a Food & Social Media superstar!
    Samantha's approach is fuss free and imaginative, using simple tools to create her food artworks. She doesn't believe in wasting food and is a strong believer of utilising fresh and healthy ingredients.

  • Chef Brian Chen, more fondly known as 'Abang Brian', was an internal auditor who discovered a passion for culinary arts after having to take charge of his home kitchen to care for his father's special dietary needs.
    Since then, he has battled his way into a place among the top 3 in Masterchef Malaysia All-Stars, written 5 cooking books, hosted various cooking shows, gained his professional qualification both in cuisine and patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, set up the Young Chefs Academy - his very own cooking school for children, and also now has his own daily radio show on SuriaFM focusing on food, family and fitness.

  • Leah, more widely known as 'Chef Leah with a Big Heart', was only four when she began to teach herself to bake in order to help raise money for her younger sister Adele, who suffers from cerebral palsy.
    Now seven-years-old, she has become an accomplished baker, whose story and ability to create delicious and beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes, have captured the hearts of many.
    An inspirational figure, Leah was recently awarded the Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers 2015 award. Her charity work extends not only to her sister, but also to the Food Aid Foundation - an NGO which operates as a food bank to help the less fortunate.

  • Author Mohana Gill writes cookbooks with a twist. Not just about sharing recipes with readers, her books touch on eating habits and the importance of spending quality family time together over nourishing meals.
    It is her dream to leave a healthy living and wellness legacy for future generations', holding to the adage "Healthy children are Happy children" and the words "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men".
    Mohana Gill is the only Malaysian to have won a "Best of The Best" and six “Best in the World” titles from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Time to get your little one to sharpen up their utensils and get cookin'!
Submit a video of your little one preparing a sweet dessert dish and be
in the running to win kool & amazing prizes from KidZania Kuala Lumpur,
Panasonic and Young Chefs Academy! ZaZ!

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Pop-up Kitchen

Food made easy at our first ever pop-up kitchen; an interactive and fun cooking experience for your little one! Work with a kal and learn how to whip up simple breakfast meal or even desserts.

Food Science

Taste, smell, see, hear, and touch your way through the flavor experience! Partner up with your little whiz to experiment different components of ingredients to create kool and edible snacks! This is a parent-child activity. Click on the timetable to find out more.

Food Art

Go ahead and play with your food! Unleash your little one's creativity and learn all about art in decorating food!

Celebrity Chef Workshops

Aspiring cooks and food lovers! Here's a kool and interactive cooking workshop for you and your little one with our celebrity chefs!