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The Meta Advance Tactical Agency (M.A.T.A) is an institute for secret agents. Each agent in M.A.T.A is assessed and ranked as either NEURO, TEKNO, INVISO or KOMBAT depending on their core competencies.

NEURO Agents are the intelligence officers. They are made up of people who have an aptitude for retaining, analysing and gaining information. NEURO Agents are good at strategic planning and problem solving.

TEKNO agents are the tech experts. They develop the most advanced gadgets, wield intricate weapons and execute specialized tasks that very few are able to do. They are creative visionaries who think outside the box.

INVISO agents are quick and stealthy. They are experts in the art of concealment, infiltration and undercover. They are capable of penetrating enemy lines by blending in. They excel in social skills and are good at reading people.

KOMBAT agents are the strongest and best fighters. Often possessing the physical strength and technique to break through any opponent or obstacle, they are also strong in teamwork, coordination, and the ability to think and act fast on their feet.

Ejen Ali is the story of a schoolboy named Ali, who accidentally stumbles upon IRIS (Infinity Retinal Intelligent System), a piece of spy technology. Following that incident, Ali is taken in as a secret agent for M.A.T.A (Meta Advance Tactical Agency) and begins a journey to discover his true potential.