KZKL Bonanza

We are rewarding our loyal B.KidZanian CitiZens this month! CitiZens can enjoy up to 10x more kidZos when you role-play at the selected establishments from 10th – 30th April 2018 :

Selected Establishments
AirAsia Flight Simulator (Cabin Crew) Karatz Jewellery
Brainy Bunch Pre-School Teacher Academy KidZania Insurance Company
BROTHER Sewing and Embroidery centre Kolorize Paint Company (House Painting)
CANON Imaging Studio  LHDN Tax Office
Construction Site Low Dose CT Scan Room
Courthouse Mayor’s Office
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) MBPJ City Council of KidZania
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) PLUS Expressways
Driving Street Recycling Centre
Electric Company SHARP Air Purifier R&D Centre
Fipper Slipper Workshop Soap Factory
Fly FM & Hot FM Radio Station Spritzer Bottling Plant
Gleneagles Emergency Room (ER) U Mobile Store
Gleneagles Endoscopy Surgery Room UniFi Innovation Centre
Gleneagles Hospital  Urbano Auto Repair
Gleneagles Nursery  Volvo Car Dealership
Job Information Centre