Experience & Learn

In KidZania Kuala Lumpur, children perform different jobs and professions pertaining to adult life. The visit is an educational and entertaining experience due to the many activities designed to support the comprehensive development of children.

Image for Learn While You Play

Learn While You Play

From keeping calm when flying through turbulent weather, visiting the bank to withdraw their salary or even the act of  sanitizing their hands before preparing snacks, kids walk away from each job with knowledge that can be used in their lives. Real-world experiences provide each job with a sense of accomplishment that is invaluable.

Image for Live Your Ambition

Live Your Ambition

With over 60 establishments and more than 90 activities available, children will be spoilt for choice when it comes to pursuing their dream career. In fact, for those who are not in a hurry, why not try them all and see where it leads. Each job allows the child to experience the challenges faced and gauge their own level of interest.

Image for Meet New Friends

Meet New Friends

Here, your child will meet, play and interact with many other children from all around the world. You can look forward to kids forming lifelong bonds of friendship that will encourage them to express themselves more actively with their new companions. Who knows, they may even pick up a language or two.

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