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 Visitor Guide


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To ensure a smooth, seamless entry, KidZania Kuala Lumpur uses facial recognition for check-ins. Please upload each of your selfies using the link provided in your ticket email.

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Our Economy

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KidZo is the official currency used in KidZania. All kidZ will receive 50 kidZos at the airport before entering.

KidZ can earn more kidZos by working at selected establishments (activities) in KidZania, while other activities require kids to pay kidZos.

KidZ can also:

  • Open a bank account (min. Deposit of 10 kidZos)

  • Purchase souvenirs from the Department Store

  • Save for their next visit to KidZania


B.KidZanian PaZZport


B.KidZanian PaZZport is a loyalty program where kidZ can collect stamps and receive privileges as KidZania’s citiZen. 


Sign up for B.KidZanian PaZZport and enjoy various benefits such as:

  • Bonus on salaries for every earning activity

  • Savings on kidZos for every charged activity

  • Discounts on merchandise at the National Store of KidZania

  • Discounts on redeemable items at Department Store


Census Board


Census boards are displayed in front of every establishment to provide information on a specific activity. Visitors can refer to the census board to know about the requirements, kidZos transactions and related skills of each activity.

PleeZ be aware that adults are not allowed to queue on behalf of kidZ. Only kidZ are permitted to enter the establishment. 


Parents Only Zone

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While kidZ are enjoying their fun activities, parents are welcomed to chill out at the Parents Lounge located on the upper floor, next to AirAsia Flight Simulator. Parents Lounge offers facilities such as:

  • Charging ports

  • Free WiFi

  • Jamaica Blue Café

This lounge is limited to adults only and no kidZ are allowed to enter the lounge. Entrance is free of charge.


Get your KidZ Photos


Visitors may purchase photos taken by our skilled photographers by scanning the QR code displayed around the park and kindly upload a selfie to find your kidZ photos.

Find Your KidZ Photos Here


National Store

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You can also visit our National Store for more KidZania merchandise.

Census Board

Parents Only Zone

Get your KidZ Photo

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